Carnival Entertainment


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Carnival Booth Rentals

Our red & white, striped Carnival Booths create a colorful & festive atmosphere that will really attract a crowd! Our selection of games includes both games of skill and chance, appealing to adults as well as the younger players. Players can win stuffed animals, sports novelties & toys.


Check out our Table Top Carnival Games! These games of skill and chance are appealing to ALL AGES! With games like Ring Toss, Krazy Cans, Big Mouth, Pitch Out, Hoop Shot, Tic-Tac-Toe, Skee Roll, Stop & Throw, Slap Shot, Shuffle Board, Ball Roll, Bowling Tip, Pork Chop Speedway, & Duck Pond your next Carnival event will become spectacular!!!


Carnival Prizes

Every Child Goes Home A Winner! Stuffed Animals… 

Nickel & Dime & Bigger Prizes.. 


Photo Front Cut-Out Rentals

Stand behind these and you’ll be transformed into a cartoon Style Cowboy, Alien, Fat Lady, or even a Muscle Man.

Great Photo Opportunities!



10′ High Striker & 4′ High Kiddie Striker Rentals

Step right up! Let’s see just how strong you really are. With this old time, traditional carnival game you simply take the mallet and hit the rubber lever as hard as you can to try and send the dinger to ring the bell. Sound simple?  Good Luck!

10ft High Striker

4ft High Kiddy Striker 

 Requires: No dedicated outlets



2 Hours & 1 Attendant Staff – 

each additional hour

Requires: No dedicated outlets


Challengers step up to “Ol’ Bessie” and do their best to out-milk each other. Cow milking competitions have been an attraction at fairs and festivals for years. Now it can be enjoyed without the hassle of a live cow! Both country folk and city-slickers will have lots of fun with the Cow Milking Contest. It can be played by one person using a timer or two contestants in “hand to hand” combat. Rental includes a stool, bucket, timer, & white food coloring to change water to milk! Pull on the utters to fill bucket in record time!!!  

2 Hours & 1 Attendant Staff – 

 each additional hour

Requires: no dedicated outlet


Pit Stop Challenge Rentals

The Pit Stop Challenge brings all of the energy and excitement of Stock Car Racing to any party or event. Challengers race against the clock in a frantic effort to have the fastest tire change. 

2 Hours & 1 Attendant Staff – 

 each additional hour

Requires: one dedicated outlet


Our Face Painters can create everything from simple Smiley Faces, Rainbows, Balloon Designs, American Flags to Complicated Cats. Awesome fun for both children and adults!


Balloon Sculptures

Our Talented Balloonists take balloons & twist them into fun animals, hats, swords, and much more. When the crazy art is done your guests get to take it home as a gift.


 Glitter Art Body Tattoos

Our Glitter Tattoo Artists can add Sparkle to your next Special Event! We offer a large selection of dazzling designs to choose from. Great for all types of Special Events!


This amazing new game is so versatile you can use it wet or dry, all year round! Square off with an opponent and see who can pop their balloon first (a dunk tank alternative). The first to pop their balloon or get your opponent soaked wins! Includes 100 balloons. The Hydro Blaster is great for parties, fund raisers, carnivals, fairs, festivals, corporate events & more! It’s safe and simple to play.

L 3’5″ X W 4’0″ X H 6’5″


More Carnival Fun!!!