Interactive Inflatables


Interactive inflatable games are a great way to make your party one of a kind



Big Baller Rentals

This Interactive Inflatable game is similar to the TV hit “Wipe Out”. Contestants try to navigate over the giant, red balls trying to get to the other side. Hop, jump, & climb your way and conquer The Big Baller.

Requires: One 20 amp dedicated outlet 


Attach yourself to a bungee cord with a vest harness, stretch out the bungee cords as far as they will go, then let yourself get snapped on the inflatable mat for a great thrill. Great for competition, or just for fun!

 Requires: One 20 amp dedicated outlet 


 Gladiator Joust Rentals

Two players stand on giant, inflatable podiums as they try to knock their opponent off with oversized foam padded jousting poles.

L 20′ X W 20′

 Requires: One 20 amp dedicated outlet 


Inflatable Sumo Suits Rentals

Requires: One 20 amp dedicated outlet 


Meltdown Zone Rentals

L 18′ X W 18′ X H 10′ 

4 Hours & 2 Attendant Staffs –

each additional hour

 Requires: Two 20 amp dedicated outlets


Inflatable Twister Rentals

L 16′ X W 16′ X H 3′

Requires: One 20 amp dedicated outlet 


Human Foosball Rentals

Just like the popular tabletop version, but now in life sized form. Enter the Foosball Arena attached with harness, which allows up to 10 players at a time to move within’ their own area.

L 50′ X W 30′ X H 9′ 

 Requires: One 20 amp dedicated outlet 


Velcro Wall Rentals

After putting on one of our Velcro suits (we have six different sizes), the object is to stand on the inflatable floor & bounce & stick to the inflatable wall as high as you can get. 

L 15′ X W 15′ X H 15′

Requires: One 20 amp dedicated outlet 


Bungee Run Basketball Rentals

Two players compete with one bungee cord tying them together.  Whoever shoots more baskets wins.

L 41′ X W 11′ X H 8′ 

Requires: Two 20 amp dedicated outlets 


Race To The Top Rental

This is a 2-4 player game. There are four lanes to choose from. Each participant enters the attraction wearing their protective head gear and goes to the side they choose. They line up at the center near the rope. When the operator blows the whistle or gives the command to start, each player races to the top using the rope and grabs one of the two colored batons for their lane. Once the player has the first baton they slide down to the same area where they started from and place the first baton on the Velcro strip located on the top of the wall and then proceeds back to the top to retrieve the second baton. The first player to have both of their colored batons placed is declared the winner. 

L 35′ X W 35′ X H 8′

Requires: Two 20 amp dedicated outlets


Wrecking Ball Inflatable

Are you tough enough to stand up to the “Ball”? Wrecking Ball is a brand new concept for kids and adults of all ages! It’s Big, Bold, and it’s Extreme! It’s the Ultimate High Energy game. Four Players climb atop their inflated pads. One of the players grabs the “Wrecking Ball” and hurls it at their opponent in an attempt to knock the player off their inflated pad. As the wrecking ball swings back, try and grab it! The last player standing is the champion!

L 40′ X W 40′ X H 20′

Requires: One 20 amp dedicated outlet


Boulder Dash Game

Two opponents face off head-to-head as they zigzag across raised foam platforms – all the while dodging swinging foam boulders hurled from 6 onlookers! The first person to make it to the other side without falling wins. It’s a dash to the finish in this game that combines speed, and strategy. Who will be the first to conquer the Boulder Dash?

The Boulder Dash supports 2 players inside the unit and 6 people outside throwing boulders – a total of 8 players in this thrilling game!

L 50′ x W 15′ x H 15′ 

Requires: Two 20 amp dedicated outlets


Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall

For an exhilarating lifetime experience climb the four sided inflatable Rock Wall with authentic rock climbing gear. Great Competitive fun! 

L 22′ X W 22′ X H 26′ 

4 Hours & 2 Attendants Staff – 

each additional hour

 Requires: Two 20 amp dedicated outlets


UFO Laser Tag Rentals

L 40′ X W 40′ X H 18′  

 Requires: One 20 amp dedicated outlet