Three piece obstacle course

Get ready for an intense Rush. This Inflatable is 3 Pieces, 360 degrees, & 38′ x 27′ x 16.5′. Each one containing eleven separate obstacle challenges finishing with a 16 foot slide to test your stamina and agility. Racers start and finish from the same side of the course, which makes for better viewing, better competition, less use of valuable area. The finish line is in full view of all of the participants creating tons of excitement as the racers “sprint for victory“. This is a great game for relay races at picnics, physical team building programs and anywhere you want to make a BIG impact . Approximately 120 people can play per hour.

L 38′ x W 27′ x H 16.5′

Requires: Three 20 amp dedicated outlets


Polar Extreme Obstacle Course Rentals

It’s a wintery-themed obstacle challenge as you work your way past playful penguins, silly seals and fishy characters for an extreme slide back to the start!

L 42′ 6″ X W 44′ 6″ X H 19′

Requires: Three 20 amp dedicated outlets


The Wild One Roller Coaster Obstacle Course Rentals

Our latest and greatest obstacle challenge mirrors the excitement of a real rollercoaster which is the featured ride at any amusement park. Experience the twisting turns, climbing the mountains and zipping down the other side. This ride is a SCREAM!

L 50′ X W 25′ X H 21″

Requires: Four 20 amp dedicated outlets


Sports All Star Obstacle

Put you and your opponent to the test. See who can reach the finish line first as you try to conquer this challenging attraction. Try to get through the obstacle course to be # 1!

L 40′ X W 10′ X H 12′

Requires: One 20 amp dedicated outlets

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3 Lane Mega Thrill Obstacle Course Rentals

Our new 3 Lane Mega Thrill is brand new! With the industry’s only 3 Lane Inflatable Obstacle Course, up to 3 people can race simultaneously. This provides faster throughput to reduce wait times. With its innovative design and “softer-rounded” appearance, it clearly stands out in the sea of “square” and ordinary Obstacles. We’ve also added new challenges and mixed up the order of the obstacles to make this a true one-of-a-kind experience!

L 62 x W 15 x H 13 – Over 62 Feet Of Fun

Requires: Two 20 amp dedicated outlets


Extreme Rush Obstacle Course

Stand out and ABOVE the crowd with our new 77 ft. long and 19 ft. tall Extreme Rush Obstacle Course.

L 77′ X W 19′ X H 19′ – Over 77 Feet Of Fun

Requires: Two 20 amp dedicated outlets

If delivering to a yard with a fence, you must have a

4′ opening for the obstacle course.


40 Ft Long Obstacle Course

The Rush Obstacle Challenge offers 40 feet of challenging obstacle entertainment in one unit. This inflatable play structure takes participants on a journey crawling through tunnels, maneuvering around horizontal and vertical pop-ups, with stamina-building climbing and descending along the way!

L 40′ X W 19′ X H 10′ – Over 40 Feet Of Fun

Requires: One 20 amp dedicated outlets

If delivering to a yard with a fence, you must have a 4′ opening for the obstacle course.